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Friends of English School of Tampere Association Board sustains and develops Enkku school. The board publishes an annual yearbook, maintains school homepages and informs about school activities every year for parents having children turning 5 in Tampere and in neighboring towns such as Nokia and Pirkkala. During the semester, the board meets once per month.


Voluntary work of parents is an important part of Enkku. Funds raised by the voluntary work help to keep the semester prices as low as possible. Activity committee organizes number of fun get-togethers throughout the year for the Enkku children and their parents and other stakeholders.


English School of Tampere is traditional language school for children in the area. It is well-known in Tampere as well as neighboring towns for its language teaching as well as Enkku children with especially good manners. The roots of the school go all the way back to 1957. At the time Finland was gaining a lot of international influences, and parents seeked their children for suitable English teaching during an era when English teaching in elementary school had not yet become a norm. The English School of Tampere was established by American Sisters of the Most Precious Blood. The school gained very good reputation and great academic performance and both the children and their parents enjoyed the homelike atmosphere of the school. During 1961, Friends of English School of Tampere was established to help the Sisters run the school.

Retiring of Sister Monica Tarie Toenjes in 2004 marked the end of the Nun era in our school. For our great pleasure, Sister Monica still continues in ABC daycare in Pyynikintori, and offers all of us a valuable link to the school history. After the Sisters retired, new teachers have been highly qualified professionals who speak English as their native language. Enkku school has had 2500

children, many of whom are bringing their own or grandchildren to the school. The most important things have remained for 50 years: Enthusiastic, international atmosphere and sense of belonging combined with teaching good manners and top-quality language teaching. In Enkku, the children are respected as individuals at the same time when they are expected to respect others and show good manners towards fellow students as well as teachers.

In Enkku, child’s skills are believed in, and h/she is being encouraged in joyful learning. These values are reflecting to the later schooling and form important ingredients for the success later in life.

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