Friends of English School of Tampere Association

Friends of English School of Tampere Association is responsible for all activity within Enkku school. Association members are all parents of the students, members of Enkku board and activity committee, in addition to sponsoring and co-operation companies. Members are selected to the board and committee typically for 2 years at a time in Annual Meeting that takes place annually every autumn.


Below daycares are the ones where children are brought to Enkku to their Kindergarten or Preschool –groups, after which they either return back to daycare or will be picked up from Enkku by their parents. We will help, when needed, in the transfer back to daycare. Options are plentiful, please ask for more details from the Enkku staff!

Päiväkoti Kiekkari

puh. 0400 190303 / Marjo-Riitta Lehto

Osoite: Pyynikintori 4-6, 33230 Tampere

Amurin päiväkoti

Osoite: Suokatu 10, 33230 Tampere


English School of Tampere is owned by Friends of English School of Tampere Association. It is a non-profit organization, whose members are the parents of all Enkku children. Association fee per Enkku family is 30 euros per year.

  • Kindergarten, (4)/5-year-olds. 580€/semester (half a year) plus book fee.
  • Preschool 6-year-olds. Free of charge. Preschoolers from outside Tampere need approval from their own city.
  • After School Club
  • Language Club 130 €/semester.

Lapsen ilmoittautuessa ensimmäistä kertaa kouluun sitovasti, peritään häneltä rekisteröimismaksu 40€.


The English School of Tampere
Amurinkuja 21 B
33230 Tampere

info (at) enkku . net
Please contact via email on enquiries related to enrollment.



050-345 3844
calls 11.00-13.00 and 14.30-16.00

Office 0504139355
Preschool 050 522 9177
Kindergarten 050 449 4799
After School Club 050 345 3844