Enkku’s friends


Friends of The English School of Tampere Association is responsible for all the activities at Enkku school. Members of the association are all the parents of the students and some are members of Enkku board and events committee. Enkku also relies on sponsoring and co-operation companies. New members are selected to the board typically every second year in an annual meeting taking place every Autumn.

HEAD OF THE BOARD 2021: Emily Pentti


Because Enkku is a private and non-profit organization, the voluntary work of the parents and funds raised from that, are the most important way to support our school and to keep the term fees reasonable. During the year, the events committee arranges fun events for the whole family and the supporters of the school.


Tampere Conservatory

Enkku runs its own daycare, “Enkku Daycare”, in Pyynikintori. Enkku Daycare offers children a chance to join music lessons in Tampere Conservatoire during the kids´ day in the daycare. Ask for more details from our daycare!

Other kindergartens

It is also possible for your child to join our kindergarten club or pre-school form other daycare centres. After the lesson children will return back to their own daycare centre, and we can try to help with transitions if necessary. Kindergarten and pre-school can be attended without taking a part to any daycare. We have many different opportunities to offer, ask us for more!

Päiväkoti Kiekkari
Amurin päiväkoti